image of grumpy teenager
Being an adolescent can be a stressful time. At the same time as hormonal changes, school pressure, peer pressure and social media you are striving for individuation and to discover your personal identity and sexual identity.

You are no longer a child and you’re not yet an adult and you can feel uncertain of which choices you can make for yourself and which still need to be made by parents and other authority figures. This can bring about feelings of anger, frustration and not being trusted.

Although counselling is a talking therapy, it can often feel too daunting to talk about our experiences and so I may work creatively with you using a sand tray, miniature animals and figures, art and clay, journaling, role play, visualisation and mindfulness to help explore with you your difficulties in a way that does not feel threatening or too difficult. The way we work together will be decided and reviewed between us so that you are in control of the work we do together.

The counselling will be confidential between us, within the limits of child protection. This means that I will not disclose the work we do together in a session, although you are entirely free to do so.