As an integrative therapist, how I work will be tailored to your needs and will evolve from the relationship we build together.

I will draw upon various schools of thought including Transactional Analysis, Person-Centred, Existential, Psychodynamic and CBT to best support you in your journey.

Although counselling and psychotherapy are talking therapies, it can sometimes be too difficult to speak of our experiences, especially those that we find frightening or shameful. Sometimes our experiences are beyond words and so I also offer creative therapy to help you explore experiences that can otherwise feel too overwhelming.

Visualisation, art, writing, sand play and mindfulness exercises can help you to connect to your inner world and express what cannot be communicated in words.

Within the safety of the therapeutic relationship we can begin to unearth those parts of ourselves which we may never have been conscious of before. Making things conscious helps us to create a fuller and more accurate picture of who we are and the meaning of the difficulties and distress we are experiencing.

“We are at our best, when the doctor who resides in each patient has the chance to go to work.”

– Albert Schweitzer